The George Miller Justice League script is leaked on-line

With the upcoming Batman vs. Superman project, Warner Bros. is trying to bring
together the most famous DC Comics characters, with a not too distant goal of
unifying the entire DC universe.


With Man of Steel being a moderate success and
the promise of a Batman and Superman feature, DC may be aiming on bringing on
screen other DC superheroes too, such as The Flash and Wonder Woman, which will
lead eventually to a full length Justice League movie.
However, this is not the first time when Warner Bros. had plans for this kind of
superhero extravaganza. In 2007, even before Marvel’s Iron Man was released,
there was a Justice League project, penned by Kieran and Michele Mulroney
(scriptwriters of Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows) and to be directed by
George Miller (who has movies like Mad Max and Happy feet under his belt). This
Justice League project had Arnie Hammer playing Batman, D. J. Cotrona wearing
Superman’s cape, Adam Brody playing The Flash and Megan Gale cast as Wonder
The project died shortly after being announced, since the budget swollen to an
unimaginable amount. Soon after that Nolan’s The Dark Knight and Marvel’s Iron
Man were released, making the Justice League project a distant and unclear
For this new beginning leading for another Justice League project, David Goyer was
attached as scriptwriter. Until other news will surface, the fans can enjoy the leaked
script of 2007’s Justice League.
As The Playlist said, the plot is about the relationship between the beloved
characters, while the Batman is spying on them with a super-powerful satellite
system. Besides the fast paced action sequences, inherent to a superhero movie,
the script wants to be some sort of a social commentary, given the fact that Batman
is spying on the others using technology, with the immediate goal of protecting the
Having in mind the fact that it seemed a little bit rushed to throw on screen so many
characters with such different personalities and backgrounds, it may have been a
good idea to shelve this project. Maybe if it was released, it would have killed the
superhero genre in the same way Batman and Robin did in 1997.


Source : Slashfilm

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