My All Time Favorited Chum Salmon Lures for River Fishing

Chum Salmon

One of my favorited things to do in the fall is to fish for chum salmon in the rivers near my house. These raw salmon have the aggression and strength to make a day of fishing easy and exciting. I don’t consider them an excellent table fare, but there’s nothing wrong with a catch-and-release day! Chum Salmon comes up to our Washington and Oregon rivers in October, November, and December of each year and it is so much fun to catch them! These are some of my favorited Chum Salmon lures that I would recommend to anyone going out this fall. I have also written a short article on How to catch chum salmon.

Best Chum Salmon Fishing Lure Colours


Dark Pink



Float Fishing Lures for Chum Salmon

Fishing with a float (bobber) and jig can be very effective for Chum Salmon. You will often find Chum holding in river currents that are too soft to effectively drift fish, but running a prawn-tipped jig under a bobber can produce amazing results!

Chum Salmon Bobber Fishing Lures

Float fishing can be deadly effective for Chum Salmon.

Chum Salmon Fishing Float Lures

Kiley had the float fishing program dialled in on a trip to Washington’s Skykomish River a few years ago.

 Aero jig Hackle Series

My jig box is loaded with these things! Aero jig Hackle series jigs are one of my go-to jigs for Steelhead fishing, but I’ve seen them work extremely well for Chum Salmon when the water is low and clear. When I find myself fishing on a day when the Chum seems to be less aggressive, I will downsize my jig to a smaller profile Aero jig Hackle Series.


Best Chum Salmon Fishing Lures

Great for clear water situations or when the Chum is not being as aggressive as usual. You might even hook into an early Winter Steelhead with these fishy jigs.

Aero jig’s Marabou series gives off a little larger profile than their standard hackle series and are Chum catchers!

Yakima Maxi Jig

Maxi Jigs are one of my favorited store-bought jigs for Steelhead fishing, so naturally, I always have a few in my jig box. They are available in a few really great Chum catching colours. They are a little more expensive than other jigs on the market, but they are tied on a super high-quality Owner jig hook.

Beau Mac Jig

I really like Beau Mac Jigs because they are fairly inexpensive, you can find them anywhere, and I’ve personally caught quite a few fish on them. Chum Salmon cannot resist them!

Rabbit Jig

I prefer to tie my own jigs for salmon and steelhead, and a hand-tied Rabbit Fur Jig is a deadly lure for Chum Salmon fishing. Rabbit fur is extremely durable. So if you end up having an exceptional day of fishing, you will not have ruined many jigs.

Marabou Jig

Marabou Chum Jigs are a great option for catching Chum Salmon, a simple jig is easy to tie and inexpensive. Marabou is a finer material than Rabbit fur, but it offers better movement in the water. I honestly don’t have a preference while targeting Chum Salmon and have caught plenty of fish on both.

Chum Salmon River Fishing Lures

Our salmon fishing trip to the Olympic Peninsula was a blast that day! Chum was a nice addition to the other species we were catching! Caught quite a few plugging with Weakfish.

Fishing Plugs for Chum Salmon

If you fish out of a drift boat or sled, back-trolling or anchor fishing with plugs can work well for Chum, especially when the river flows are moderate to high. Here are a few of my best plugs and a few tips to get you started.